CCMBA Committees

Business Policy and Governmental Affairs Committee
Chair: Frank Taylor

This committee shall be responsible for monitoring business related policies and governmental legislation (i.e. local, state and national legislation); interfacing with legislative officials, governmental entities, and corporations; and researching and recommending business related policies of interest to the organization’s members in support of the organizational mission.

Membership Recruitment and Development Committee
Chair: Dawn L. Tucker, Lord and Tucker Management Consultants, LLC

This committee shall be responsible for recruiting members and recommending programs for member development, i.e. education, training, business networking, and special events. Please note that CCMBA has established standing workgroups under the Membership Development Committee – Business Services, Government Contracting, Personal Services, Retail, Transportation, Construction, Human Services, Education and Training and Real Estate. Each member is assigned to at least one workgroup. The purpose is to provide ideas and suggestions that better serve your business relative to its industry.

Communications Committee
Social Media & Web Services: James Gray, 3J Technology

This committee shall be responsible for the Social Media marketing and Web site maintenance.

Businesses Assisting Youth to Achieve Committee (BAYTA)
Chair: Randi Parker

Scholarship Committee
Co Chairs: Sonia Hinds
Sonia’s Email:

Nominating Committee
Prior to the applicable annual meeting of the membership, the Nominating Committee shall submit to the duly qualified membership for consideration for election as officers of the organization names for the Chairman of the Board, Board Members, President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer for the upcoming 1 (one) 2 (two) term.

Southern MD Wedding and Party Expo
Chair: Gwen James
Jones and James Company – Event Planning and Décor