Regular Membership

Duly Qualified Members: Any persons over 18 who own a business in Calvert County and the Southern Maryland region (which includes Charles and St. Mary’s counties) and any person who is a resident of Calvert County and the Southern Maryland region whose business is located elsewhere are eligible for membership in the CCMBA providing that they have met the financial as well as other requirements for membership as applicable. This membership is for non-profits and for profit companies/organizations.  This membership will allow you access to the member’s only section and leave comments on our blog.

Affiliate Membership

Any organizations or individuals working with or having a supportive interest in the development of minority businesses in Calvert County are eligible for affiliate membership providing they meet the financial requirements for membership as applicable. Affiliate Members must be committed to furthering the goals and objectives of the organization. Affiliate membership limited benefits.  You cannot vote, do not have access to the members only area and cannot leave comments on our blog.  This membership is open to High School and Full Time Post Secondary. It requires Guardian Signature if under 18. Please download the membership application for your parent/guardian signature, membership application

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Sponsor CCMBA programs, special events, and scholarship

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