The Calvert County Public School (CCPS) System is committed to meeting the educational needs of all of our students and preparing them to meet the challenges of the future. Developing strong partnerships among families, businesses, and community groups will help us accomplish our goals. We need your help! Please consider becoming a member of the Calvert County Public Schools’ Educational Partnership & Mentorship Advisory Committee.

Business & Education partnerships provide benefits to both the school and the business:

Indicators of success for students may include:

  • Improved attendance rates, academic performance, test scores, or drop-out rates
  • Improved student conduct or enthusiasm for learning
  • Improved student ability to perform tasks required to attain employment
  • Students pursuing or furthering education outside of school
  • Parent and teacher feedback that the business involvement is making a difference

Indicators of success for the business may include:

  • Employees advancing their presentation, leadership, and interpersonal skills
  • Improved employee morale
  • Enhanced image in the community
  • Increased understanding of the company and its products by the community
  • Increased understanding of the school system

Ways businesses can benefit schools:

  • Provide release time for employees to tutor, mentor, motivate, or read to students
  • Provide incentives for students who have improved in performance, attendance, academics, behavior, attitude, citizenship, etc.
  • Provide “career shadowing” opportunities for students.
  • Donate used equipment or surplus materials
  • Serve as judges for various school events
  • Sponsor field trips
  • Assist with school publications
  • Provide display space for student artwork
  • Serve as guest speakers on career awareness topics or special interests
  • Recognize students who enroll in honors or advanced placement classes
  • Sponsor special programs or school clubs
  • Provide educational or curriculum support materials
  • Provide part-time employment for students
  • Provide seminars for students, parents, and staff
  • Provide tours of the worksite
  • Assist with school fundraising activities
  • Participate in school events
  • Provide recognition for teachers
  • Sponsor contests in art, writing, math, reading, etc.
  • Offer services to the school that may be unique to your organization
  • Sponsor scholarships

We welcome and encourage your input and suggestions on how to build a strong CCPS Educational & Business Partnership Program.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at 443-550-8005 or via email at Thank you for considering this exciting opportunity to build a stronger community that will benefit all of our citizens and students now and in the future.