Businesses Assisting Youth to Achieve (BAYTA)

The Mission of the BAYTA Program is to:

(1) Act as a liaison to assist primarily African American youth to identify and access professional and technical experiences.
(2) Promote professional, academic, vocational, social growth and success.

The Vision of the BAYTA Program is:

(1) To eliminate the performance gap between the African American student and local, regional and national statistical norms.
(2) The formation and establishment of viable entrepreneurships, professional vocational and technical opportunities.

Our Mission and Vision Will Be Accomplished via:

1. Role Models/Supporters/Encouragers/Motivators
2. Workshops and Conferences
3. Speaker’s Bureau
4. Scholarship, Loan and Grant Information
5. Paid and Unpaid Internship Programs
6. Career and Business Day Sponsors
7. Job Shadow Day Participants
8. Field Trips
9. Tutoring

Examples of Positive African American Role Models include:

1. Entrepreneurs
2. Teachers
3. Physicians
4. Lawyers
5. Accountants
6. Social Workers
7. Scientists
8. Politicians
9. Nurses
10. Librarians
11. Computer Programmers/IT Specialists
12. Journalists/writers/authors
13. Librarians
14. Engineers