Calvert County Census 2020 Webpages are Live

Looking for more information on the 2020 Census?

Please visit the Calvert County Census 2020 webpage.

Check out the Census 2020 PSA – Calvert County, Maryland – “WE COUNT”

The United States is required to perform a national count of all people living in each state every ten years  (U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 2)

The Census 2020 Data Impacts Our Community in the following Ways:

  • Determines representation in Congress and impacts local legislative districts;
  • Is the basis for funding critical programs and services; 
  • Assists local decision-making for economic development, school construction and  transportation projects, as well as public health, public safety and emergency planning

Federal Funds potentially lost for each person is $1,800 per person each year for 10 years!