5th Annual Unconditional Love Retreat in 2017

Who: Sharon Parker, Lydia Mason-Gladden and Mr. Johnny Brooks

What: ROASA’s Unconditional Love Cafe Presents a “Pathway to Self…Meet a Living Legend in Calvert County”

When: February 11, 2017 @ 1pm – 4pm

Where: Harriet E. Brown Community Center, 901 Dares Beach Road, Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678

Who Will Benefit: High School Students, Teachers, Next Generation of Entrepreneurs, Professional Business Owners, Parents, Grand Parents, and the general public

Remembering Our Ancestors Synergistic Association, (ROASA), Inc., is honored to share that we will host our 5th Annual Unconditional Love Retreat in 2017 (Save-The-Date June 16th and June 17th). We are extremely excited to share that our very own #UnconditionalLoveSister, Dr. Barbara Reynolds will serve as our keynote speaker.

Dr. Barbara Reynolds is an ordained minister, a columnist, and the author of five books, including her new book called “My Life, My Love, My Legacy…Coretta Scott King’s memoir”, which is due to release on January 17, 2017. Dr. Reynolds was a longtime editorial board member of USA Today, won a SCLC Drum Major for Justice Award in 1987, and was inducted into the Board of Preachers at the 29th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. International College of Ministers and Laity at Morehouse College in 2014.

As we prepare to get the word out to the Nation about ROASA’s upcoming Unconditional Love Retreat, we are honored to share that we will host a number of pre-events through the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. Our first stop will be in Calvert County Maryland, the birthplace of no other than myself (Sharon Parker). I will be heading back home to Prince Frederick, Maryland to host my first Black History Month showcase to family and friends.

To assure the success of our 5th annual unconditional love retreat, we will host a number of pre-events called “ROASA’s Pathway to Self…Meet a Living Legend”. Mr. Johnny Brooks who lives on Adeline Road, in Prince Frederick, Maryland will be the featured keynote speaker and we will share his passion for cars…”a man who loves to use his hands to build Hot Rods”.

This is a free family event and all are encouraged to join us and enjoy a story of a hard-working man who used his hands as a gift to give back unconditionally to his family and community.

About Showcase: We will share an inspirational one-on-one interview presentation of Mr. Brooks’ life story conducted by ROASA, Inc. This will be an “Oprah like seat-down discussion” with Mr. Brooks and myself (Sharon Parker). We will also share what we have in common and why we both left Calvert County at a very tender age to pursue our passions (Mr. Brook left when he was 16 years old and I left when I was 17 years old…please click on promo/highlight YouTube video of our interview: https://youtu.be/RZn1qI2rueI).

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