Community Mediation Center of Calvert

Original Source: Community Mediation Center of Calvert

Why would I want to go to mediation?
Mediation is an opportunity to manage conflicts differently. Agreements reached by the parties themselves are far more likely to be satisfying and lasting solutions than those imposed upon the participants by others.

What cases are appropriate for mediation?
Center mediators assist individuals in neighbor conflicts, landlord-tenant issues, group and organizational conflicts and family care decisions for elderly adults. Mediators also provide alternative dispute resolution service to individuals participating in Calvert County District Court cases. They assist in a wide range of legal actions, including unpaid accounts, deposits and claims for damages.

How does mediation work?
Mediation brings people in conflict together in a comfortable and safe setting. With the help of mediators, you can discuss issues and talk about your concerns. They will help you talk to each other to clarify goals, gather information, and identify options. It is up to you to decide what will meet your needs as you manage the conflict. What is discussed with the mediators is kept private and confidential. In mediation, you – not the mediator – control the decisions and the outcome.

Where are mediations held?
Meditations are held at held at a place and time that is convenient for the participants. Mediations are routinely held at the Patuxent Friends’ meeting house in Lusby (southern end of County), the Phillip’s House in Prince Frederick (central County) and All Saints Episcopal Church in Sunderland (the northern end of the County). There are also other sites available for mediations, if these sites are not convenient..

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