How to Do Business with MWAA

The Airport Authority is proud to announce that its inaugural ‘How to Do Business with MWAA’ event will be held June 9 ,2017

The agenda will cover topics including:

  • Successfully Navigating MWAA’s Procurement process
  • Discussing LDBE certification requirements (and providing on-the-spot LDBE certification following the presentation)
  • Hosting an LDBE panel to speak to their certification impact on business growth
  • Highlighting upcoming procurement opportunities
  • Reviewing MWAA’s contracting resources, including our website and new Department of Supplier Diversity system; and
  • Providing networking opportunities, including break-out sessions with Turner Construction and the VA Department of Professional Occupation and Regulation.

More detail information coming soon!

Point of contact: Antaeus Smith
Phone: 703-417-0868 or email