League of Women Voters Guide Now Available

The online Voters’ Guide from the League of Women Voters is now available at www.vote411org.  Candidates for every office in every county in Maryland are included – we  publish their answers exactly as submitted.
VOTE411 also allows candidates to provide website links, and telephone and email contact information.  Easy steps: type in your street address, click “Get personalized information,” verify your location on the map that pops up and click on “Show my races” and then select your party.
VOTE411 will display just the candidates who will appear on the ballot in your precinct.  Know before you go!  Log into VOTE411 and see what the candidates are saying.  Additionally, we have a print version of the Calvert County Voters’ Guide on our website, LWVCalvert.org

Mark your calendar!
Voter Forum on April 11