Register Your Non Profit for a 2014 Charity Campaign

Non profits, if you are not registering each year for the Maryland Charity Campaign you are missing out on some really “easy” money! If your organization’s nonprofit status is up-to-date with the State of Maryland and meets minimum requirements, you can apply to be part of the charity campaign. Current and retired state employees give at total of more than $3 million a year to qualified Maryland nonprofits in the campaign.

Not all nonprofits consider themselves to be “charities,” but they can still apply. For example, an arts organization could qualify to be part of the Maryland Charity campaign. You can see the kinds of nonprofits that participated in the 2013 campaign that is winding down now.

Last year’s campaign involved nearly 18,000 Maryland employees (and retirees) who selflessly gave over $3.4 million, realizing that nonprofits were some of the hardest hit organizations during this economic downturn. One in three Marylanders in need will have benefited from the services provided by many of the Campaign’s participating charities. In 2012, 802 nonprofits participated in the Campaign.

If your nonprofit organization (or one you support) does not participate each year, why not get a piece of the action in 2014? Simply go to to print out the application when it is available (in early January), complete it and mail it by the February 14th deadline. This is a yearly application so make sure to set your reminders! If you have any questions, email Loraine Parks at the Secretary of State’s Office

The federal government also conducts a charity campaign. Federal employees gave $258.3 million in last year’s campaign. Visit their site for more information on how to register your nonprofit and to download the application. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, January 15, 2014.