Title IX 40th Anniversary

Title IX 40th Anniversary

The Board of County Commissioners has proclaimed June 2012 Celebrate Title IX Month in honor of the 40th anniversary of this important law.

Cosponsored by the Calvert County Commission for Women (CCCW) and Calvert Library, panelists include:

  • ·       Margaret Dunkle, Chair of the Calvert County Commission for Women, and Maryland Women’s Hall of Fame
  • ·       County Commissioner Susan Shaw
  • Kim Roof, Calvert County Public Schools Director of Student Services
  • Robert Earl Radford, Head Softball Coach of the Northern High School Softball Team, President of the Bayside Blues (and proud Title IX Dad)
  • Gladys Pedersen Bowers, Calvert County High School Class of 1950 and Former Member of the US Marine Corps
  • Danielle Cummings, 2011 Graduate of Northern High School and Sophomore at Mount St. Mary’s College (Softball Scholarship)

Margaret Dunkle will provide an overview of what Title IX is and how is has made a difference. Then, as each panelist shares his or her personal Title IX story, you will learn about what things were like before Title IX and how things are different today.

Download PDF for more details.