Upcoming Job Clubs

with Southern Maryland JobSource Youth and Young Adult Program

The Workplace Excellence Series is a curriculum of ten modules designed to help people understand and deliver what employers demand today. Below is a summary of what each module covers. This curriculum is designed to engage youth and young adults to assist them in achieving success in the workplace. This Workplace Excellence Series will run through May. Those youth and young adults who complete the series will be ready to hit the ground running when our Summer Employment Program starts in June. I have attached the flyers for the upcoming Job Clubs where the series will be delivered. Please refer any of your participants that could benefit from training. Please post and share as you feel appropriate and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

“The Workplace Excellence Series”

  • Workability – Understanding & responding to realities, understanding the bottom-line, increasing profit, earning your keep and raises, exceeding expectations.
  • Transitionability –  Smoothly transitioning to a new workplace, identifying motivation, needs, and resources, the first 90 days on the job, maintaining work/life balance.
  • Suitability  – Understanding, learning, and adopting the company culture.
  • Dependability –  Maximizing your time in the workplace, doing the employer’s priorities, being on time, staying focused, avoiding procrastination.
  • Reasonability –  Managing your mindset, adjusting your own outlook, maintaining a positive attitude.
  • Adaptability –  Succeeding in a changing environment, improving personal adaptability, managing stress.
  • Respectability –  Thriving in a multi-generational workplace, understanding differences, playing to everyone’s strengths, and working together for the company’s benefit.
  • Presentability –  Displaying the company image, first impressions, improving presentation, building your wardrobe.
  • Communicationability –  Verbal & non-verbal communication in the workplace, active listening, greetings and introductions.
  • Writeability –  Effectively crafting and delivering written messages, writing effective emails, crash course in social media, texting, and replying to messages

SUIT & DEPENDability flyer