The Commissioners of Charles County are soliciting proposals in response to this solicitation from qualified firms to install, own, operate and finance solar projects hosted on County owned facilities and/or privately owned land.
In addition, the County is also receptive to submission of existing government contracts related to solar energy that could be “ridden” by the County. Submission of such existing contracts would not be in response to the requirements contained herein, and may be submitted at any time, including after the proposal due date for this solicitation.
As used herein, the term “County” shall refer to the Government of Charles County, Maryland.
The terms “bidder”, “offeror”, “proposer”, “quoter”, etc. shall be synonymous and shall mean the individual or firm submitting a response to this solicitation. In like manner, the terms “bid”, “offer”, “proposal”, “quote”, etc., shall be synonymous and shall refer to a response submitted to this solicitation. The term “Contract” shall mean a Power Purchase Agreement between the County and the bidder(s) selected. The term “Contractor(s)” shall mean the offeror(s) selected for award, based upon the proposal(s) submitted in response to this solicitation.
For more information read proposal information Here.