SMECO Quick Home Energy Check-up

SMECO has implemented a suite of Conservation/Energy Efficiency programs to provide residential and commercial customers with energy and cost savings opportunities. In order to accomplish this task in the expected timeframe, SMECO has selected ICF Resources, LLC, a subsidiary of ICF International (ICF), to assist in the program design, implementation and management. ICF has longstanding experience in delivering energy efficiency programs for numerous utilities throughout the United States, both through its own staff and through subcontractors.

The purpose of this request for proposals is to select subcontractors with the qualifications necessary to provide Quick Home Energy Check-ups (QHEC) to SMECO customers. The delivery of QHECs provides SMECO a significant opportunity to educate customers on how they can save energy and motivate them to participate in other SMECO energy efficiency programs that best fits their needs and budget.

For more information read QHEC SMECO RFP 2016_ICF FINAL.