Dillion’s Power Washing LLC

Our mission has always been to pride ourselves in the quality work we provide our customers thus creating a trustworthy name for ourselves throughout the communities we serve. The late Jason Michael Dillon founded Dillon’s Power Washing LLC in 2001. Jason moved to Maryland with a vision of becoming the premier provider of residential and commercial pressure washing services in the region. His goal was to retain and build strong relationships with his customers by providing quality work through the use of a low-pressure washing system. Dillon’s Power Washing LLC was one of the first to revolutionize the low-pressure washing system. Dillon’s Power Washing LLC implemented this system at a time when such was unheard of. Through the development and implementation of the Low Pressure Washing System, Dillon’s Power Washing LLC was able to capture the attention of our customers by providing great quality work at affordable pricing!  Refresh the exterior of your property using our low pressure system.

Today Dillon’s Power Washing LLC is owned and operated by the late Jason Dillon’s sister Kathleen Dillon-Gross along with his brother-in-law Keith Gross. As times continue to change and the pressure washing industry continues to evolve we here at Dillon’s are constantly looking at new ways to revolutionize our business in order to provide our customers with the most up to date quality services around. We have been dedicated to providing peace of mind and quality services to our valued customers since day one and will continue to always place our customers and their needs first throughout this ever-changing industry.