How to Use Social Media for Business

Moderator:  Jenn Merritt The URL Dr.

Presenter:  Kim Butler  The URL Dr.

Tuesday, December 9th

  • 1 PM – 2 PM Eastern (New York)
  • 12 PM – 1 PM Central (Chicago)
  • 10 AM – 11 AM Pacific (Los Angeles)

Thursday, December 11th

  • 10 AM – 11 AM Eastern (New York)
  • 9 AM – 10 AM Central (Chicago)
  • 7 AM – 8 AM Pacific (Los Angeles)

Interested in marketing your business or organization with social media, but not sure where to get started? Don’t feel overwhelmed. This social media webinar was designed for you. We’ll cover the value of using social media to reach your customers and how it can lead to new customers, as well as driving repeat sales. Attendees will learn:

  • Basics of the 5 most popular social media networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.
  • Discover how to evaluate the social networks and find the one that is best for your business or nonprofit.
  • How to post on the different social media networks.
  • What kind of content to post on social media. (And it’s not what you had for lunch.)
  • Free tools to manage your social media and help you plan and schedule your posts in advance.
  • What is the engagement marketing lifecycle and what role does it plan in business marketing.
  • How social media can lead to new customers and prospects.
  • How social media and email work together to get you in front of more people.
  • The magic snowball effect of social media and what it means to your business.
  • Most importantly, how to measure your results to get more out of your efforts along the way.