LEAP Forward awards scholarships to 16 local students

AR-150739928.jpg&maxw=290Byline : Southern Maryland News

Nearly 200 people from across the region on July 19 were given a glimpse into what’s possible for 15 graduating seniors and one college student who are “on the right path,” according to a press release. LEAP Forward Inc., led by founder Rhonda Thomas, hosted the “On the Right Path, Headed Towards My Destiny” 2015 Scholarship Reception at Calvert High School, to present Calvert youths with financial scholarships to pursue their college education dreams.

This year’s theme was woven throughout the program and often sprinkled with doses of historical and present-day realities, the release states. The event also celebrated this year’s accomplishments of the Creative and Striving Hard (CASH) to Succeed National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Jr. Chapter and Destined4Success, a lunch time assistance and enrichment program held at Calvert High. Former LEAP award recipients Keiva Cole (graduate, College of Notre Dame) and Dynika Gross (graduate, University of Maryland, Baltimore) teamed up to orchestrate the evening.

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