What It’s All About!

July 15, 2017 (11am – 4:00pm) & (6pm – 9pm)
Host: Sharon Parker

Springhill Suites Prince Frederick
75 Sherry Lane
Prince Frederick, MD 20678


Sharon Parker

Come take a journey with me and read about a once 5-year old little girl who tapped into her gifts and broke down barriers during one of the worst times in America’s history, post-slavery. Yes, it was 1963 when this Civil Rights baby was born, and at the tender age of five (5) years, she would ask God a question that would map a new course for her life’s purpose.

Discovering how Sharon Parker, passionately called Sharon Lee by her family, fulfilled her ultimate destiny after decades of explosive, recovery-to-discovery life experiences and auspicious moments. The good, bad, and ugly served this Leading Within, modern-day unsung hero to birth her pride and joy memoir entitled “True Synergy Works…Leading Within.”

If you have ever felt:

  • Disconnected from your family’s history and/or legacy.
  • You were forced to raise yourself.
  • You or your family lost valuable property (lands, houses, estates, jobs, money, your self-worth, etc.).
  • You lost trust in society.
  • You lost the respect of family and friends.
  • You rose above all the obstacles, self-imposed or beyond your control, and were allowed to be led by the very hand of God.

I want to share with you- “Seven (7) Defining Principles of Knowing Self to Birth Greatness”